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Incredibly famous and indeed Nobel-winning Irish poet, Mr. Seamus Heaney was born somewhere vaguely north of the border, was famously educated in Derry and has since writ many the slim and overpriced volume of fine poetry. In the 'cutbacks' series, Mr. Heaney has offered wisdom on Lisbon, the IMF, clerical sex abuse and interviews with soccer footballer Robbie Keane. Mr. Heaney's birthday greetings are in some demand.

Mister Heaney has appeared in his own cutbacks short film 'Mister Heaney, a wee portrait' which managed to win Best Animation at the 2010 Galway Film Fleadh. He will reappear as a detective in a 2011 short film 'leitronium'. Finger crossed...

Mr. Cowen, Prince of Darkness


Mr. Brian Cowen assumed the mantles of Fianna Fail leader and Taoiseach at a most difficult time. His negotiation skills, sensitivity and compassion shone through until both his party and the entire country faced ruin.

Mr. Cowen's individual cutbacks appearances (especially Cowen Drunk) remain the most viewed cutbacks episodes.


Colm Mc Carthy


Kickass number-cruncher Colm Mc Carthy was especially popular early on in the cutbacks series and is still remebered with great disdain by many cutbacks afficianados... His unpopularity dims not with the passage of time. Still a scary man...




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