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Jedward have become the most popular cutbacks stars since their initial appearance a few months ago.Jedward first appeared in the cutbacks short film 'Mister Heaney, a wee portrait'. They've since kept us up to date on the death of Gerry Ryan, the arrival of the IMF, the election and their build-up to The 2011 Eurovision.
Jedward's appearances continue, even meeting President Barack Obama! Wasn't Barack lucky to meet them? Jedward have helped to expand cutbacks viewing numbers through the UK, into Germany and Sweden. Jedward viewers have logged on from as far away as Egypt and Jordan. Power to Jedward!
Sarkozy and Merkel (commonly known as 'Merkozy' have grown through 2011 to become key cutbacks characters. As the euro crisis rumbles on and on, and as Europe lurches towards some extremely undemocratic future, Merkozy (and their French and German replacements) will continue to be central to all our lives...
Colonel Gaddafi proved a very popular cutbacks character through 2011, until his demise at the hands of rebel forces. International viewers were especially intrigued by the Gaddafi performances. Muamar is seen here, performing Libya's 2011 Eurovision entry 'I'm Still Here'.
Taoiseach Enda Kenny was a slow starter on cutbacks, but he's finally establishing a firm footing in the series. As his government wear out their honeymoon period and start to make unpolular decisions, Enda and his buddies Noonan, Gilmore, James Reilly and Varadkar will become increasingly important. Roll on the controversy!

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