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May 2011 - New 'cutbacks' short films

Two new short films are nearing completion and the first rough cuts have already been sent out to films festivals. Fingers crossed.'leitronium' features Nobel Prizewinning poet Mister Seamus Heaney as a detective investigating mysterious goings-on in County Leitrim

The second film features the crew from 'rinkydink', in an updated retelling of the classic Irish 'salmon of knowledge' story..

rinkydink and the salmon of knowledge'

rinky dink and the salmon of knowledge'

April 2011 - A 'cutbacks' feature?

A feature-length project, based on the 'cutbacks' characters and using much of the current 'cutbacks' production pipeline is already being prepared. Work on the feature script will begin in earnest over the next few weeks. We intend to upload some sequences from the feature to the internet as they're produced, to solicit feedback, comment and reaction as part of the development process. Hopefully, bodies like The Irish Film Board will come onboard to assist the feature project.



Currently, we're pitching ideas for cutbacks-based TV series and TV Specials. We're talking to RTE, The Irish Film Board, TV3 and DCTV. Fingers crossed!

A second cutbacks short film is already in production, to follow the success of 2010's 'Mister Heaney, a wee portrait'. We'll keep you posted over the next couple of months.




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